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Containers and equipment

Weir Waste has a wide variety of containers to suit your needs. Click here to see our full range.


Available on a contract or on call basis, our enclosed, open, lockable, drop door and crane skips range from 8 – 14 yards. Although most clients typically use them for general construction and demolition waste they are suitable for most waste types.

Roll on roll off containers

Available on a contract or on call basis, these high capacity containers are ideal for retail, industrial, manufacturing, and construction operations where high volumes or bulky and heavy non compactable waste is generated. Ranging from 15-40 yards these enclosed or open containers minimise the need for several skips, cutting your costs and decreasing the environmental impact.

Front load containers

Available on a scheduled basis these front load containers are perfect where space is limited, however multiple containers can be situated on larger industrial premises. Suitable for lightweight compactable waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic, office waste and recyclable material, they can be stored internally or externally and are available in range of sizes with lockable lids if required.

Permanently assigned to your company they are easy to load and can be emptied on site. We can even add your company branding on the side of container for maximum business exposure.

Wheelie bins

Available on a scheduled collection basis our wheelie bins are suitable for a variety of lightweight commercial waste disposal. Sizes range from 240 – 1110 litres and locking lids are available. They are easy to move around site and can be used both internally and externally.


Available on a scheduled collection basis, our general waste and recycling sacks are the perfect solution where space for bins or containers is lacking.

Compaction equipment

Reduce the volume of your waste by up to 5:1, depending on the waste material. Compacting waste in this way can reduce waste collections and save you money on transport costs. Weir Waste offers a variety of compaction systems, including mobile or static compactors and balers, on a rental or purchase option.

Man and a Van Collections

This increasingly popular option can be used when space for a skip is limited or labour isn’t available to move your material. These collections are also ideal for emergency collections, for example fly tipping, clearances etc.

To discuss your individual requirements please call us on 0121 772 6726, email at click here to complete an online enquiry.

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