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Weir Waste Services Ltd operates two Material Recovery Facilities within the West Midlands. We have invested in the latest automated sorting technology to deliver one of the highest recycling and recovery rates available. In addition our Residual Derived Fuel operation provides the opportunity to send residual waste to be used for fuel, diverting even more waste from landfill.

  • Our two Material Recovery Facilities have the capacity to process 500,000 tonnes of waste and recyclets per year
  • We have the largest automated commercial MRF in the West Midlands
  • Using near infrared sorting technology allows us to offer some of the highest recovery, recycling and purity rates available
  • We can treat residual waste to be used for fuel in energy from waste facilities
  • Our MRFs are open seven days a week offering an efficient, reliable and flexible service

Our facilities are based in Birmingham and Sandwell, West Midlands

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  • Help you achieve your environmental goals
  • Serve all your recycling and residual waste needs from assessment to disposal
  • Operate 7 days a week
  • Provide complete range of skips and containers
  • Operate licensed recycling centres