Weir Waste acquires pre-sort line for MRF

29th March 2017

Birmingham-based Weir Waste has acquired a new pre-sort line to enable quicker process times through the company’s automated MRF.

Weir Waste’s machinery distributor Blue Southern, with the help of sister company BlueMac Manufacturing, have designed, manufactured and installed a tailor-made BlueMac recycling plant. The plant currently processes around 25-30 tonnes per hour, meaning an initial rate of between 180-220 tonnes per day.

According to Blue Group, the plant has also improved reliability, as shredder machinery downtime has decreased since installation.

The plant includes a pause pedal to allow pickers to momentarily stop the picking conveyor in order to break down material. The pedal also alerts operators, via a traffic light system, that the plant has been paused.

BlueMac also designed the plant with the double safety mechanism of a castel locking system, consisting of a main locking key and a further six access keys for risk area. Only when the main key is in the off position and the plant is not operational can a risk area be accessed, ensuring the safety of the maintenance operative.

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